Air Pollution Control System

We offers complete line of Dust Collection Epuipment like Bag Filters, Cyclones, Scrubbers Etc.
  • Air borne dust generated in plant due to handling, transferring, processing, loading /unloading etc.gets sucked and is routed through proper sized ducting network to DUST FILTERING EQUIPMENT.
  • An efficient method of filtering the air borne dust giving effective working environment there by eliminating the Dust Hazard.
  • Our Dust Control System satisfies all pollution Control Board regulations and their requirements of Emission norms .The system is designed with Optiumum Power Economics and suitable dust sizing.
  • Air Borne dust/powder enter in hopper (variety of inlets, depends on nature of dust).
  • Air+Dust travels to bag.
  • Fine Dust/powder retain on the bags; Heavy dust settles in hopper.
  • Clean Air passed through bags.
  • Clean Air Exists from the Top of the Bag Filter.
  • Compressed Air header with blow pipe network provides filter cleaning
  • Pulse Valve, connected to blow pipe Controlled by sequential timer for filter bag cleaning.
  • Cleaning the Filter Bags by Reverse Pulse jet of compressed Air. Dust released from the bags get settled in the hopper.
  • Collected Dust/Powder in hopper is discharged through different aids provided at hopper discharge in Rotary Valve, Double Dump Valve, etc.

Fiber Tensile Strenght Abrasive Resistance Chemical Acids Resistance Alklies Support Combust
Polypropylene Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Yes
Homopolymer Acrylic Good Good Very Good Fair Yes
Copolymer Average Fair Good Fair Yes
Polyster Excellent Excellent Fair Fair Yes
Nomex Very Good Excellent Fair Good No
Teflon Average Fair Poor Excellent Yes
Fiberglass Excellent Fair Good Fair No
Ryton Very Good Excellent Excellent Very Good No