Grain Handling and Milling

Envirocon specialized in providing Grain & malt Handling system for distillery, brewery projects.

System Involved in Grain & Malt Handling System:

  • 1) Grain loading into GI Silo
  • Receiving hopper
  • Bucket elevator
  • Grain distributer with EPO KGV
  • Aspiration system for receiving section
  • 2) Grain Storage Silo with all its accessories like
  • Level measurement system,
  • Aeration system with Fan
  • Discharge Gate
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Sweep Auger
  • 3) Grain Cleaning System involves
  • Pre-cleaner (vibratory screen) separating oversize and undersize impurities,
  • Destoner for removing stones
  • Magnetic drum separator for removing iron particles
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Sweep Auger
  • 4) Grain Milling System Involves
  • Rotary feeder for controlled feed
  • Hammer mill to achieve desired particle size and capacity. Hammer mill discharge arrangement with screw conveyor, rotary screen for coarse separation.
  • 5) Flour Handling System Involves: Mechanical or pneumatic conveying, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, rotary valves with roots blowers
  • 6) Flour Storage: Flour storage silo is provided with bin activator for a smooth discharge. Silo is provided with level switches high and low and load cells for weighing/automation.
  • 7) Flour weighing and batching: Weight controller and tantalizer for automation and to know the flour consumption.
  • 8) Unique equipment called Pre-masher: is used for metered feed of flour and water to get uniform slurry for liquefaction.