About Us

food Industry

Corporate Office

  • Marketing Dept
  • Design Dept
  • Production Dept
  • Project Execution Dept
  • QAP Dept
  • After Sales and Service Dept
chemical Industry

Manufacturing Facility

  • 17000 Sq Ft Shop Area
  • 75 HP Electrical Connection
  • Equipped with all latest Manufacturing Machines
cement Industry

Pilot Plant Facility

  • Trial facility for Pneumatic Conveying System
  • Capacity – 0.7 to 1.2 TPH
  • Conveying Distance- 40 Meters
  • Alternate arrangement for Vacuum and Pressure Conveying System
  • Equipped with BAG-DUMP Station

dairy Industry

QAP Checking Facility

  • Chemical & Physical Testing (Raw Material)
  • D.P Test
  • R.T Test
  • P.M.I Test
  • Hydro-Pressure Test
  • Paint DFT Test
  • Shaft Balancing Test


An Engineering Solution for the Concept to Commissioning

With about two and half decades of experience, we have set a strong foothold in the industry. We are the leading manufacturer of the pneumatic conveying system in the state of Maharashtra. We provide Single Point solutions to our clients. We have vast experience in making Air Pollution Control Systems, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Grain Handling Systems and Formulation Plants with all integrated components and equipment. We have amazing technical staff that facilitates to give excellent service to our customers.

Based in Pune, our technologically superior, high load carrying material handling equipment is fabricated precisely to meet the demands of our clients. Our equipment complies with all the international standards that include strict European standards. We are therefore capable to cater to food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, cement and many other industries.

Our after sales service is renowned pan-India and across the borders. Be it the deserts of Rajasthan, the mountains of Nepal and Bhutan or the coastal-humid climate of Orissa and Bengal, we have always triumphed.

We have all the necessary infrastructure which is needed to give out amazing results in a minimum amount of time. Our engineers are well trained and experienced to carry out jobs under all the circumstances. We have a pilot plant in our facility.

Our marketing team will acknowledge your requirements and strive to give you the best offers with no delay. Our design team has mastered the CAD software. We use AutoCAD and Solid Edge for 2D and 3D drawings as per the client requirement. Our project team has an exceptional rate of job execution. As mentioned earlier, our after sales is world-renowned.

You can count on us for your next project. We are always ready to transform concepts into reality.

We Believe In

On Time Response
Optimum Utility Utilization
Advance Technology
Cutting Edge Design
Quality Product
Customer Satisfaction

ISO Certificate

Why Us

From a single component to a complete system for bulk material handling, we, Raj Deep ENVIROCON, design and manufacture the types of equipment for small and large systems that meet the needs of individual clients. Services include complete system engineering for pneumatic conveying system, air pollution control system, grain handling system, etc.


  • We have vast experience in designing reliable systems to convey volatile materials such as abrasives or fragile products.
  • We provide simple and cost-effective solutions to handle easy materials.
  • We offer excellent control capabilities that include custom supervisory controls.
  • We design and manufacture integrated systems such as hammer mills, rotary valves, screw conveyors, dust collectors, lump breakers, etc to meet our client's demand.
  • We program advanced feeder control algorithms with second to second precise performance, even in hostile plant environments.
  • We have an extensive line of components with applications in the food, dairy, alcohol, plastics, cement, chemical, oil and natural gas, mineral and pharmaceutical industries.
  • We follow strict ISO standards to manufacture every system with precision.
  • We have a fully functional Pilot Plant in our workshop.