Jumbo Bag Unloading System

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This modular range encompasses the discharge of single or multi-trip bags, with or without a plastic liner. Also, a few unique options are available for the safe and hygienic discharge of food ingredients, pharmaceutical products and toxic materials.

Our heavy-duty super sack unloader will unload and discharge any and all material from bags. Through our in-house engineering, we can provide our customers with the most efficient way to unload the super sacks. Our comprehensive range of super sack unloaders and transfer equipment meet the exact and varying requirements of virtually any product or bag that suit the needs of our clients.

Almost all super sack unloader projects start with bulk unloading. And this seemingly simple component is often the first and only place that your operators directly interact with your components. So not only must it feed consistently, but safety, efficiency, cleanliness, durability and product integrity are all key considerations in selecting an FIBC or super sack unloader.

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