Lump Breaker

The rapid rotation of the blades causes the fragmentation of clods. The lump crusher allows the breaking of lumps that form during the production or transportation process of friable materials in powder or grain. The fast rotation of specially shaped blades through a fixed mesh gives an efficient lump breaking action. The presence of two rotors allows high throughputs if required.

Customized lump breaker

Lump breakers are designed by our engineering office in collaboration with our clients to meet their needs and expectations.

The design team can offer very specific solutions for your lump crusher applications according to your constraints and your flow rates. We define with your customized solution after visiting your site and according to your detailed specifications.

Lump crusher integrated features:

  • Blades or knives.
  • Passage of the product dimension.
  • Engine speed fixed or variable
  • Controller of rotation
  • Steel or stainless steel construction
  • A chain drive or gear
  • Contact safety