Bin Activator

It consists of a seamless carbon or stainless-steel cone manufactured on a sheet metal lathe, a seamless polymer seal with integrated upper and lower flange and suspensions for connection with the silo cone, as well as one or two electric motor vibrators.

Benefits and features of our Bin Activator are

  • Material: carbon steel, 304L / 316L stainless steel.
  • Robust and compact design.
  • Range of seals (gaskets) including FSSAI-approved, food-grade version and high-temperature version.
  • Wide range of baffle plates in accordance with the application.
  • Extremely power efficient.
  • Extra durable suspensions and seal (gasket).
  • 70% fewer welds than with traditional bin activators.
  • Seamless heavy-duty activator cone.
  • Perfect aid all the powdery material for smooth discharge from Silo/Hopper.

Our Bin Activators are designed with optimum power and with a self-cleaning mechanism.