Double Dump Valve

The valve consists of two flaps connected by counterweights or spring-loaded spindles, which are operated by means of a motor-driven CAM. The CAM alternately opens each flap allowing materials to pass through the separate chambers in batch form and thereby ensuring an airlock.

After the CAM release, the counterweights (or springs), return each flap to the upper (sealed) position and are designed and sized so that a clapping action at the flaps is obtained, aiding material flow and preventing the build-up at the seal plate.

The unit is suitable for pressure differentials of up to 500mm w.g. this can be increased with special features. A fabricated steel body caters for sizes and specials that fall outside the standard 150, 200, 250 and 300mm cast iron body range as well as offering stainless steel construction. Optional hardened steel flaps and inlets can help prolong the valve life in, particularly arduous or abrasive applications.